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Red Quinoa Chocolate Porridge


I have decided to share with you my most recent breakfast addiction 🙂

At the beginning of my “plant-based” journey I struggled a lot to incorporate different ways of cooking into my eating routines. It had been more than 30 years of eating what was conventionally right in a traditional Portuguese household  (and subsequently in a British one).

I was always keen on trying foods from different cultures but certain things had always been quite difficult for me to “digest” (and I mean this in both literal and figurative ways). I must say it was thanks to my fantastic health coach Claudia from Officinalis that I managed to overcome this.

As I have mentioned before, she created weekly plant-based meal plans adjusted to my liking and to my circumstances, and week after week, there were always certain meals that I was reluctant in trying (despite all her best advice). This recipe – Quinoa Chocolate porridge – is one of those. This one was dragged from week to week, until I actually decided to succumb to it and give it a go. Now, as said above I am totally addicted. The sound of having quinoa for breakfast was just to strange to me, especially with the cocoa. The whole combination just didn’t sound quite right… But this experience totally proofs that there is nothing better than trying new things… Going out of your comfort zone. Forget about what others say to you about what you should or shouldn’t eat. Try new things above all for yourself! And enjoy recognizing how good it can sometimes be to be wrong about your pre-conceptions.

I challenge you to try this recipe. The chocolate flavour and the sweetness of the fruits makes it impossible to resist… (at least I know that now!) J It is warm, rich, comforting and perfect for winter.

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